The Winning

Chocolate Orange is A full range of baits designed
to help you put more fish on the bank

Chocolate Orange

Proven Match Winners

Match Method Mix is the go-to groundbait for Des Shipp. Click here to find out why…

Match Method Mix

Add some Attraction

Adding colour to you bait can be the difference between a blank or red letter day.

Lava Rocks


Des Shipp's first choice of feed pellet. Perfect for the pole or feeder.

Pro Feed Pellets


Ade Kiddell can't get enough of our Barbel range. Here's why…

Barbel Feed Pellets

Bait for the Modern Angler

Match & Specimen

Welcome to Sonubaits, the bait brand at the very forefront of modern bait design, delivering innovative ranges of baits with the help of a world class team of match and specialist anglers.

Our enviable line-up of consultants has the very highest demands from their bait and have all been involved in the ongoing development of our bait ranges. You’ll be able to read their Tips, as well as a gallery of catch shots.

Our baits continue to dominate venues around the World. Become a part of the success, get stuck into the website and enjoy.

This is Sonubaits!

Here at Sonubaits we pride ourselves on making the highest quality bait and here is a glimpse of the processes we use to create the bait you all know and trust. From groundbait, boilies, pellets and liquids we've got something for you in our vast and expanding range of bait.