Robbie Griffiths

Commercial Fishery Specialist

Best Match weight: 252lb - Weston Pools
Favourite Venue: Weston Pools
Favourite Method: Long pole shallow for carp and F1s
Top Three Sonubaits Products:
1) F1 Corn
2) Match Method Mix
3) Supercrush Expander

Robbie's Angling Life:
I started fishing at the age of 5, normally a bit of sea fishing on holiday or an hour on the local brook resulting in some nice chub!
My attentions however soon turned to match fishing and at the age of around 9 I started entering local junior matches, winning quite a few! I started fishing a variety of venues into my late teens with individual and team success on commercial and natural venues, becoming the individual and team winner of the Bridgnorth Angling Championships on the River Severn being a highlight.
I love all types of fishing but tend to concentrate on the Midlands commercial circuit, fishing open matches throughout the summer months as well as a few festivals, this lead to winning both the Heronbrook and Weston festivals in 2015 as well as a 3rd place in the 2015 Pole Fishing natural baits festival at Weston.
My autumn/winter season is now mainly spent fishing leagues with my Drennan North West team mates, we have had some great success recently with Winter league and Spring league wins at Heronbrook fishery as well as a 4th place in the 2016 AT Winter League Final, a match in which I finished 4th overall individually.

Angling Ambition: To keep framing and enjoying my fishing, fish more festivals where time allows!