Wayne Bartholomew

Feeder Specialist!

Best Match weight: 169lb - Blue Circle
Favourite Venue: Tidal River Trent
Favourite Method: River feeder fishing
Top Three Sonubaits Products:
1) Super Feeder Dark
2) 50:50 Method/Paste Green
3) Band'Um Wafters

Wayne's Angling Life:
Being 46 and fishing from the age of 5 I’ve been around a while. I’ve spent most of my younger years learning my trade on the Trent and Whitham. Team fishing was massive when I was young so as most anglers of the era did, I wanted to progress fishing for a team as that was the way forward. I’ve fished many nationals for a number of teams progressing as a junior for Sheffield and the mighty Barnsley Blacks right up to present day. I have also been a a member of the England feeder squad and was lucky enough to collect a bronze medal on my debut in Serbia. Now I’m the Captain of the successful Nufish North feeder team and also a member of Darnall Horti national side.

Angling Ambition: To lift the team trophy of the Sonubaits Feeder Masters Superleague with NuFish North