Oily Floaters


Oily Floaters are subject to a special process, making sure each individual pellet holds a large amount of oil and will leak off fish-attracting flavours into the water for prolonged periods of time. 

This gives you a distinct edge over standard floating pellets or mixers.

The Oily Floaters can be easily hair rigged allowing you to match your hookbait to your free offerings.

Slightly heavier than standard floating pellets, these can be catapulted further into the lake!

Available in three flavours:

  • Fishmeal
  • Spicy Sausage
  • Krill
CODE Description Size Flavour
S0910002 Oily Floaters Original 11mm 11mm Fishmeal
S0910001 Oily Floaters Krill 11mm 11mm Krill
S0910003 Oily Floaters Spicy Sausage 11mm 11mm Spicy Sausage