10mm Band'ums

Part of the Band'ums range


A Band'um is the perfect hookbait for using with a bait band, its unique cylindrical shape with bulbous ends means that they can be banded with ease using a Pellet Bander or a Bait Bander.

The bait band sits neatly in the middle slimmer section of the Band'um, this means the hook sits perfectly in the middle of the bait meaning more hooked fish. Also the Band'um is less likely to be pulled off the hair meaning you can fish more confidently and more efficiently.

The 10mm Band'um is the largest of the three sizes of Bandum, and the best choice when big weights of carp are expected. Perfect for use with a Method Feeder, Pellet Feeder or the straight lead, it also makes an excellent hookbait when using the waggler or pole. Perfect for all species of fish including Carp and Bream

Available in 5 distinct colour flavour combinations to suit every fishing situation and a good tip is to keep changing the colour of your hookbait until you find the one that the fish prefer on that day.

The options are:

Yellow Pineapple which is great on all waters, especially if the water is carrying a bit of colour, the yellow colour can really be picked out.

Pink Krill which is a great combination of visual colour and strong smell.

Pellet which is the same colour and flavour as most fishery pellets which is perfect to catch carp that are used to feeding on pellets.

White Chocolate which is possibly the most visual colour and will often get bites the quickest.

Chocolate Orange is the latest addition to the range - a vibrant orange colour.

CODE Description Size Flavour
S0810017 10mm Band'ums Pineapple 10mm Pineapple
SBAG/PELLET 10mm Band'ums Pellet 10mm Fishmeal
S0810015 10mm Band'ums Krill 10mm Krill
S0810016 10mm Band'ums White Chocolate 10mm White Chocolate
S0810041 10mm Band'um Chocolate Orange 10mm Chocolate Orange