Part of the S-Pellets range


Bloodworm is one of the greatest fishing bait attractors pretty much every fresh water fish will have fed on bloodworm.

We have managed to harness the flavour of bloodworm and pumped it into an S-Pellet which are a sinking, tough hookable pellet, rich in oil, dark red in colour with a strong bloodworm flavour. Bloodworm Fishmeal S-Pellets are perfect for hair rigging and using on a feeder. Their firm texture means they can be cast out using a feeder, bomb or even a waggler and reeled in on more than one occasion and still be as effective as the moment it was hooked or hair rigged.

The 6mm and 8mm versions are ideal for using in lakes for Carp and Bream and the 11mm version is a great hook bait for Barbel on rivers.

CODE Description Size Flavour
SSPT/06 Original S-Pellets 6mm 6mm Fishmeal
SSPT/08 Original S-Pellets 8mm 8mm Fishmeal
SSPT/11 Original S-Pellets 11mm 11mm Fishmeal
SSPT/BW06 Bloodworm Fishmeal S-Pellets 6mm 6mm Bloodworm Fishmeal
SSPT/BW08 Bloodworm Fishmeal S-Pellets 8mm 8mm Bloodworm Fishmeal
SSPT/BW11 Bloodworm Fishmeal S-Pellets 11mm 11mm Bloodworm Fishmeal
SSPT/K06 Krill S-Pellets 6mm 6mm Krill
SSPT/K08 Krill S-Pellets 8mm 8mm Krill
SSPT/K11 Krill S-Pellets 11mm 11mm Krill