24/7 Pop Ups

Part of the 24/7 range


Field tested for 5 years before release, a constant tweak of ingredients and flavours has results in carp bait that has already seen countless carp banked throughout the UK and Europe! Difficult to pin point the distinctive flavours, yet described as a sweet, creamy, nutty flavour by many, it truly is an all-round bait for all seasons and all times of the day! 

The 24/7 Pop ups perfectly compliment the bottom bait range. Available in a range of sizes they are ideal for a range of situations, from single hookbaits in winter, to snowman rigs and Ronnie rigs.

Available in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm.

CODE Description Size Flavour
S247/P12 24/7 12mm Pop Ups 12mm 24/7
S247/P15 24/7 15mm Pop Ups 15mm 24/7
S247/P18 24/7 18mm Pop Ups 18mm 24/7
S247/MP15 24/7 15mm Mixed Colour Pop Ups 15mm 24/7
S247/OP15 24/7 15mm Oozing Pop Ups 15mm 24/7
S247/SC15 24/7 15mm Super Chods 15mm 24/7