Code Red Pop Ups

Part of the Code Red range


The high levels of liquid food attractors in Code Red means the attractants and food signals start releasing straight away when the baits are in the water. The level of highly digestible ingredients including pre-digested fishmeal and liquid liver means the carp will recognise Code Red as a valuable food source and keep coming back for more.

The Code Red Pop ups perfectly compliment the bottom bait range. Available in a range of sizes they are ideal for a range of situations, from single hookbaits in winter, to snowman rigs and Ronnie rigs.

Available in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm.

CODE Description Size Flavour
SCR/OP15 Code Red Oozing Boilies 15mm Code Red
SCR/SC15 Code Red Super Chods 15mm Code Red
SCR/P12 Code Red Pop Ups 12mm 12mm Code Red
SCR/P15 Code Red Pop Ups 15mm 15mm Code Red
SCR/P18 Code Red Pop Ups 18mm 18mm Code Red
SCR/MP15 Code Red Mixed Pop Ups 15mm 15mm Code Red